Women's Ministry

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Ladies of Grace Meetings

These meetings are held at various times on various topics throughout the year. We try hard to get together for some "girl time", and Lord knows we need one another. Whether we're having brunch, planning a trip, or just "hanging out," we're sure to have loads of fun! **These meetings were suspended due to COVID, but we are hopeful they will be back, soon.

Tuesday Bible Study

Each Tuesday at 10:30 am we meet and learn together. Questions are welcome. This group is casual and real. We share the Word in this group, but we also share our lives.

Mother/Daughter Banquet

Usually held sometime in May, we spend this time celebrating our moms and motherhood in general. Good food, good fun, laughs, some entertainment, and even prizes are shared on this special evening.

Fall/Holiday Tea

Similar to our "springtime" mother/daughter banquet, we gather for a holiday tea time in the fall. A lovely time to sip some tea and talk, and take a break from all the craziness the holiday season can bring.

Mentoring Women

“Mentoring Women-Leading Ladies” is a program written by Stephanie Wolfe for the purpose of developing women in leadership and spiritual effectiveness. It is a one-year commitment to meet with your group once a month. This is a time of getting to know your sisters in Christ better, growing together, supporting each other, loving each other and just having fun. We cover a variety of topics that women deal with on a daily basis such as: personalities, spiritual discipline, family, etc., with the goal of becoming spiritually mature, victorious, joyful and intimate with our Father God as we pursue His purpose for our lives. There will be times of sharing, laughing, learning, stretching, struggles and victories. We may be vulnerable and accountable but we will experience what it truly means to be Christ’s Body loving and caring for each other in a safe environment. Many details are discussed at the initial "Informational Meeting," so, keep an eye on our calendar for your chance to join this life-changing program.


The Women's Accountability Group, is a "graduation group" of those women who have completed the Mentoring Women program, but wish to continue meeting monthly to "dig deeper" into some of the books. Sometimes in reading a book a month, there isn't time to really study a subject deeply, so we meet to do just that! We set goals for ourselves and then seek to be held accountable to those goals. We cheer one another on, and encourage one another to keep going!

Please see our calendar for all the opportunities for us girls to get together (and mostly gab).

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