Here you can find (by sermon date) any handouts that were given to the congregation for a sermon aid.  There are 2 options:

1.  FILL IN-   type your answer.  If wrong, answer will wiggle and underline in red.  A new small pop-up will appear above "wrong" answer.  Clicking this "reveal answer" pop up will auto-fill the correct answer in the blank.
Update:  If you email this version to yourself, the answers should be auto-filled in.

2.  BLANK -  identical to a paper version.  No pop-up will appear, and all blanks will need to be manually filled in.

BOTH OPTIONS  have a space at the bottom for free form notes.  Clicking in the small square will open this box for you to type inside.

BOTH OPTIONS can be emailed by scrolling to the bottom, clicking "email" and filling in your address.  They will both email as a PDF.  If you have any questions, please contact us.